Day 8 - tough going

Well I've made it into the week 2 thread, but today is the worst start to the day so far :eek:

Pretty strong cravings first thing, not helped by being late,stressed and rushing about. Also, I'm a bit worried the 'honeymoon period' is coming to an end. I'm not constantly thinking 'aren't I doing well'!!!

Maybe this week's about settling into no smoking being the norm and not a novelty?

Anyhoo, I'm not going to give in now. I hope it's going well for everyone here and stay strong! We can do this!


Catherine :)

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  • day 8

    I know the feeling!!! Keep off them, I'm sure it'll get easier for us through the rest of today!!!!

    Good luck!! If things get too bad just give someone a smack!!!!

  • Ha ha, thanks Terry, just posted back to you too. Let's know how you're doing tonight, off to work soon so hopefully that will distract me! Good luck to you too and stay strong!

    Catherine :)

  • Morning Catherine and well done on getting to week 2. You are doing well and you should be very proud, but yes lets not get complacent. Doing some reading of the links about what is happening at this stage in your quit, it will help you keep focused.

    It helped me at your stage to post to the people who are struggling earlier in the quit, it will reinforce yours.

    There is no way you want to do the last 2 weeks again, so stay strong, this will pass and it will get better.

    and if all else fails go with Terrys idea and use physical violence. :eek:

  • Thanks Bev. You're right, I think I'll spend some time on here tonight. No I'm not going through this again, am getting some boxing gloves with the money I've saved!!

    Thanks again

    Catherine x

  • 2nd Week


    Just getting to the end of my second week and just like everyone else says, it does get easier and already feels normal(ish). Don't get me wrong, I love the thought of having a smoke, but choose not to. Find other things to fill the worst moments and being on here certainly helps.

    Stick with it....

  • Thanks Aleksandr! The day got more stressful but thankfully I'm just about through it now :( Don't want to go through that one again! Well done on getting through your second week., I just wish I could stop thinking about smoking or not smoking! Maybe I am expecting too much, I am impatient!

    Catherine :)

  • You are doing well!

    Keep going, Catherine. You were stresed but you didn't smoke. That's brilliant.

  • Thanks Ellie, yes the day got better re cravings and worse re stress. Must be something in that somewhere!

    Catherine x

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