No Smoking Day
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Hello...Can I join you?

Hi folks,

I am now officially in month 3 :) Can't quite believe it but so pleased.

Still on patches for another 3 and a half weeks then going cold turkey. As much as I am nervous I am really looking forward to being nicotine free.

Any more of my fellow Jan quitters in here yet?

So whats the bar like in this place then?


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Hi Debs :D

Just popping in to say hello and well done you getting to month 3


Marg xx


Hi Deb,

I'm a late Dec quitter although I can never seem to work out which room I should be in. Is it months completed or current month? Who knows!

All bars are good bars when you use them enough!


Hi Marg, thank you very much!

Stav I have absolutely no idea so been floating about a bit. Am sure when I first joined someone told me it was the day/week/month you are in?

Am probably in the wrong room but yeah, a beer for the hangover sounds good to me from any bar :)

Couple of weeks behind you there Stav, well done in your quit so far counting or not, the main thing is not smoking eh?

Right I am away to stop being in a mood with my brother and get out on my bike to enjoy the gorgeous day outside.



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