No Smoking Day
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47 days and it's Saturday .. yay, yay, yay!!

Hi All,

Saturday at last!! Typically the sunshine has taken his hat off and popped off somewhere .. leaving a note on his door "Back Monday" but then isn't that always the way!! I'm just glad it's the weekend regardless HOORAY!!!

I'm on day 46 or 47 I think ... 7 weeks on Tuesday, so I am sailing towards to 2 month mark ... I can't believe it!!!! It dragged sooo much to begin with and the pain was just yuk yuk yuk but this last week has just sailed by and that is amazing ... FAB ... it means things are starting to gain a normality again; erm, well I'm not sure anyone would say I was normal but hey you know what I mean ha ha!!

I just want to say that I hope everyone else is doing well in their quit. For those that may be at a bit of a difficult stage, hang in there as it will improve and the sun will put his hat back on :) Hope my fellow Turkeys are starting to feel the "good life" too now as we are at about the same stage in quit???

WELL DONE EVERYONE AND HAVE A QUIT-A-LICIOUS weekend (I just made that up, what a load a rubbish lol)!!


Jodi x


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Morning Jodi :D 46/47 days doesn't matter you're smoke free and that's what matters

Glad it's starting to feel normal not to smoke hun

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


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