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Benefits so far - Day 6


Into day 6 now and I just wanted to list some of the stuff I've noticed so far:

[*]Improved taste and smell

[*]MUCH more energy - surprised by that this early

[*]Breathing much better and coughing less

[*]Boost in confidence - didn't think I could get this far!

[*]Saved £43 already on a 25 a day habit (I feel a reward coming on!)

[*]House smells fresher

[*]My kids are proud of me :)

[*]I'm proud of me!! :)

Not a bad return for the effort so far? 'Tis the weekend though and more temptation will be in my way, so I'm going to be extra careful.

Stay strong everyone! This is SO worth it! :D

Catherine :)

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Hi Catherine :D

Well done nearly a week for you already

I'm really pleased you're feeling the benefits so quickly and there are loads mor to come Promise


Marg xx

Perfect timing

WOW That list of benefits came just at the right time as I am half way through day 7 and finding this the hardest day so far - I guess because I am at home and not in the office

Thanks - just that little reminder I needed :cool:

Hi Catherine,

I am glad you are noticing so many benefits already. Surprising how quickly you notice which is good, will spur you on to keep going ;)

Hi jamous,

I hope the dy has/is improving for you. Just rmemeber today may not be so good but you will get through it & tomorrow is bound to be much better :D

Keep strong both of you ;)

Gaynor x

HI Jamous

Yesterday got a bit worse for me and I have read on day 6 - 7 can there's another craving blip. Hope you feel better today and we're far enough in for it just not to be worth giving in now!

Gaynor, my saving today is up to £50 .. ching, ching, money in the bank and not up in smoke! That's enough oto spur me on!! ;)


Catherine xx

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