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why I should lighten up

Hi all,

Just wanted to blether a little.

As usual the brain was automatically giving the "I told you so" milarky about giving up smoking.

For the past 6 (nearly 7) weeks I have had coughing fits thorugh the day and night, sore throats and earaches and the latest a pain in the shoulder which is literally giving me a pain in the neck.

I have been careful with what I have been eating, infact I have drank more water and ate more fruit and veg than I did for the whole of last year, I have upped my fitness and run 3 times a week and circuit training twice a week and have not lost a pound in 3 weeks, not gone up admittedly but, thought with all the changes I would of done better.

Food is tasting good but it's always tasted good (hence the above paragraph) and my home made curry was too spicy this time. Same ingredients but the taste buds couldn't hack it.

The usual smoking cessation nurse was not there yesterday and the person in her place was a cowbag! Telling me off about the patches etc.,

And so what did I do???????

I skipped, not with rope, just the child like skipping as it's impossible to have a sad face whilst skipping.

My daughter and I skipped from the childminders to our house without stopping and you know what I thought???

I could not of done this 6 weeks ago without complaining to my 5 year old that Mummy is too tired to carry on!

There were a few puzzled faces in the street, and one old man joined in whilst walking his dog - but the walking stick got in the way and he nearly fell over, that amused me even more.

I know that's bad but it would of been a video camera moment!

So, I'm happy and smoke free


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Good for you skipping and getting some pleasure from that....I must admit the thought of the old guy attempting to join in and almost coming a cropper was funny.

Hope the niggles of the coughs, ear ache and sore throat etc clear up soon. Your doing all the right things re diet and exercise and I'd be sulking too over not getting the rewards sooner ;) but carry on, your doing a great job.

Continue with being smoke free and happy........ more will fall into place real soon (I hope:))


I am still waiting!!

I am about six and a half weeks and your post made me laugh!! Where are the wonderful results, where is the fit page 3 beuatiful stunning woman that I am supposed tonow be?!! Where is the wonderful skin, the beautiful white teeth, the GLOW????!!!

Yet, I also like the fact that you have succumbed to it and find a positive somewhere ... there sia reason I am going through all this pain ha ha!! I am sat here with a big red nose and a sodding cold, after weeks and weeks of lines on my face (which I didin't have when I smoked!), spots and generally looking crxp!! I had a facial at the weekend and started to look ok agai nand then the cold came and the spots returned and again I look hideous ha ha ha!!

However, I will keep telling myself that one day I will wake up looking like the fresh princess of bell air ha ha ha! and until then I will enjoy my fellow quitters tales of little old guys skipping along!! You may not realise it but your little bubbling excitement at what you have achieved and that you shared with your daughter actually brought joy to someone else too ... what an incentive!!

It's great to see that someone else just gets on with it ... coz it's the right thing to do!!

Well done you ... bet your daughtter thinks you ar ethe best mummy in the world!!

Jodi x :p


just remember, if your working out by running etc, you are replacing fat with muscle which weighs alot more then fat ;p

id advise gettin a heart rate monitor, then you know when you have worked up to the right rate to start burning bdy fat, 20 mins exercise at your optimum rate minimum, 3 times a week and you will soon loose weight, do some research into it :)

also crunches are good for the stomache! along with a healthy diet and you will soon be well on your way!.


Hi Sarah :D

Well done on your almost 7 weeks smoke free that's great and so happy to hear you enjoyed skipping with your daughter and had to grin at the thought of an old man with a stick joining in lol

Sorry you've had all those little niggly things though but they are normal at this stage OK

If yout neck and shoulder continue to be painful though get it checked out by the Dr just to set your mind at rest

Both you and Jodi will soon begin to really feel and see the benefits of stopping

Love and Hugs

Marg xx


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