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On day.............Can't remember

Hello my lovelies :)

As some of you will know since last year & my 3 month quit I have struggled to last longer than a few days at best.

I refused to give in & kept trying. Everytime I tried to stop was different. Most of them just seemed impossible hence the few hours! I was obviuosly just not in the right place at the right time. I guess what I am saying is NEVERSTOPTRYING as one day it will be the right one for you ;)

This time (day 11, nearly 12 LOL) has been the easiest. Hardly thought about fags & when I have just pushed it aside. I CANNOT start smoking again unless I want to die a slow painfull death & I am to young for that :p I really have to count what day I am on as it doesn't really matter anymore. So long as I am not smoking who cares whether it's day 1, 10 or a 100. Last year I was very fixated on how long, how many cigs I had not smoked. It helped me then but this time it is not an issue. What is is being a non smoker & nothing else.

Gaynor x

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LOL, It's good you can't remember the day! I'm nearly at month 4 now (I never got this far before) I hardly think of them now(today, a slight exception to this but...) The longer you get away from the last one the easier it becomes! You want to do this, otherwise you wouldn't keep trying.

Personally, i had the thought to myself ,well i've only done a couple of days, i can just give up again tomorrow, hence, craving again , round and round in a cycle. Now i've got nearly to 4 months ,(I wanted one today a little bit, not a lot....) I don't want to wreck that, and it is so much easier, it's just breaking down the last of the mental associations i think.


Well done to you Jude. I know you have struggled but looks like this ones the one hey :D

Mental associations play a huge part as you say but I have found once you have been in whatever situation it is a couple of time & obviously not smoked it then breaks that association. Retrain the brain!!!!

Gaynor x


Totally agree with you Gaynor… re training the brain is the key, well done and here’s to another good day :)


Hi Gaynor :D

You're doing great hun amd so pleased you don't really think about it any more

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Have a great weekend...

I guess the number of days really doesn't matter, but you just can't help but keep count..... 10 today!

Probably won't get on here again till Monday, so have a great smoke-free weekend everyone.


:DHi y'all,

Thanks for your support. Most quits I count days, seconds etc lol but really don't care on this one. So long as I am not smoking it doesn't matter. No fag is no fag if you understand what I am trying to say lol. Every quit is different like I said & this one seems to have the only focus of not thinking about it. I don't think I am making sense sorry. Any way, 'tis working :D

Keep going everyone, you most surely WON'T REGRET IT :D:D

Gaynor xx


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