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Cold turkey........ but not for lunch

Just wanted to say a big thank you to this forum and a big hello at the same time.

I tried to register on Monday, even wrote a big post about how I was gonna try to quit. For some reason my registration failed :confused:

Anyhow even if I could not post, I read, and read even when I should have been working ;) Lots of inspirational posts on here and on other sites linked in peoples signatures. All the info and the inspiration helped a lot to get me here to the back end of day three cold turkey.

Day one was so dodgy, day two was so hyper, day three has been strangely ok, can't wait to see what day 4 brings :)

So thanks for the help even if you never knew you were helping!

PS. Wifey quit on Tuesday too, today she also went without the NRT patch for the first time, she is understandably wired right now and I'm trying to be supportive while staying out from under her feet :rolleyes:

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Hi Rubicon & wifey lol,

Well done on your decision to quit. It is really one of the best things you can ever do for yourselves.

You will find lots of support, encouragement & info here.

Keep strong, keep posting & reading - you CAN do this :D

gaynor x


Hi Rubicon

Welcome and congrats on making it to day 3!!!

Im a fellow Turkey and into week 5!! And I can say for sure day 4 is a massive milestone for you! Simply because after day 3 unlike the NRT are free of Nicotine!!! This is a MASSIVE psychological boost! As you then know everything you think and feel is ALL IN YOUR HEAD!!!!

I wish you the very best of luck! You're on a rollercoaster full of ups and downs, both of which are really intense so make the most of and thoroughly enjoy the ups and prepare yourself for the downs!!!

Keep checking in here...letting us know about your good days and bad days and ask loads of questions!

Education really is key to The Cold Turkey Brigade beating the habit!!!


Thanks for the posts, all support helps enormously. Aren't forums great!

To be honest I was totally dreading today, having read that day three can be a monster and knowing I had a potentially messy confrontational work meeting this morning, I spent all last evening 'psyching' up for today.

Must have worked or maybe I just repressed any feelings particularly effectively today. The meeting turned out to be amicable and the rest of the day has been quite euphoric.

Still I've been here before, the watch phrase for this quit is 'no complacency!'

Kind regards



Hey Chris well done so far! I'm into day 5 CT now, and knowing there's no nicotine in me really is great. The cravings are nowhere near as bad as I thought they would be - but haven't had a drink yet. I'm a teacher though, and I did feel sorry for my classes on day 3. They got told off a lot.......!

I got complacent on my last quit - you're so right that that's the worry now..



Yes in a weird way when a quit is going well it can be just as dangerous as when your having an awful time of it.

I 'almost' prefer to be feeling a little bit rough because it keeps me from getting too cocky.

The truth is I'm an addict and just one is never enough :mad:


Rubicon (adn Vix)

Hello - and welcome. Congratulations on you quit so far. I went cold turkey (for medical reasons) and am now 6 months quit. I'm not going to pretend its easy - but keep reading all the messages on here - and post if you have any questions - or indeed rants or raves - and especially anything good.

Do it a day at time - it will get easier.


Hi Rubicon & Vix,

Another turkey (and not for tea) here. I'm on 2 months and 1 day and I'm gonna follow both your progress and give you heaps of support when you need it. Like Eddco and AtomicGuy we've all been through the highs and lows of stopping smoking and stopping being nicotine addicts. You might find it easier than I did, or you might turn into complete mentalists (like I did!) over the next few weeks - but one things for sure, hang in there and you'll be through the worst in 4 weeks.

Just as an aside, I was on the tube last night and a bloke came and sat next to me. He was quite nice looking, smartly dressed and wot not, but OMG he stank. The smell of smokers is a dirty stale dirty smell. Then I cringed inwardly at how many people I'd sat next to in my life who'd thought the same about me :(


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