No Smoking Day
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Me again!!

Hi Guys n Gals, I hope your all doing ok?

Well what can i say, i have picked loads of quit days but just carried on regardless with the cancer sticks!! I have been so weak using every excuse under the sun...had a few family gatherings so i know parties = Cigs!!

So I'm going to choose No Smoking day being as Sunday is my Birthday and its possible i shall be drinking later in the day.

I'm going to read up again like i did b4 on here.

Nikki x

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are you going out for a drink on your birthday or drinking at home?

If your at home, get on the pistachio nuts.. their a sod to open sometimes and de-shelling them keeps your hands busy.

If your quitting, folk will understand, they may giggle at you if your erratic but they mean well.

Happy birthday for the day, i wish you well, and good luck on your quit!!!!!!!!!!


Thankyou Jase.

I cant stand nuts but thanks for the advice LOL.

I'll be at home (unless people have planned something which i doubt)

Thankyou for the Birthday wishes....


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