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Day 17

Day 17 and still smoke free.:)

My appetite has grown but I'm trying to eat healthy so as not to put on weight. I'm not denying myself food but if hungry am trying to go for fruit instead of chocolate. Saying that I did succumb to a few chocolates the other night.;) The annoying thing is food tastes so much better now.:D

I'm off for a long walk soon, destress and work off a few calories.:)

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Well done

Well done on your day 17.

I am also eating like an absolute pig, but I originally said I will leave it a month and then worry about my diet, but a month is getting close, and food tastes sooo good, so I have moved it to two months!!!!

I'll be twice the woman by then!!!


day 17

Well done on day 17.

Fruit is a good idea as is raw veg. I have started swimming this week and intend to go once or twice a week.


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