No Smoking Day
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21 days tommorow woooo hoooo

i have had a really lovely day today, went out with a friend, bought myself a treat with money saved from not smoking felt great even though i say so myself, i am soooooooo proud. have not wanted a cig for days now but im still sticking my patches on every morning without fail, i dont want to be in a postion where im suddenly doing cold turkey lol im not that brave.

woooooooo hoooooooo

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Hi Mary Congratulations on your quit it is amazing when you reach a point and think OMG I have made it to whatever stage you are at, I was amazed at 7 days in fact I kept counting on my fingers so I could believe it.

Imagine how you will feel at a month etc it gets better and better keep reading and posting and befor you know it you will be in the penthouse were ever that is LOL have a good one xx


all i can say is its quite a mad feeling!! i keep re counting lol


have an almighty headache today..... im wondering if the patches maybe too strong now, but i go to get some more today and get a zero on blowing in the meter for 3 weeks of being smoke free, but i got bit worried as i realised that the insence i was burning produced as it should clouds of smoke, i just hoping my co2 reading will be zero as it should be with no fags.


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