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No Smoking Day
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I can't stop eating!

It's day 23 for me and i've put on a good 5-6 lbs since quitting. The last couple of days have been particularly bad... I can't stop! Yesterday I ate a lot of rubbish and felt rubbish because of it. Today I've been trying to replace my unhealthy snacks with fruit, along with mints and my trusty lollipops, but they're just not hitting the spot any more.

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I did that too, however I think comfort food is essential in the early days of your quit. Try not to worry about the weight (even though I moaned like hell) as it will level out at some stage.

Well done on 23 days.


I'm the same, non stop snack fest- I "accidentally" emptied the kids treat tins again today, oops, the healthy snacks just don't cut it right now, I'm just going with it, deal with weight later. I keep telling myself that if I can quit the smokes then shedding a few pounds in a couple of months should be a doddle in comparisom. Well done on day 23, no time at all and you'll hit the 1 month mark

Pols xxx


Eating....... if it's edible it's mine!

OMG eating. I haven't stopped. I have just got home after my stop smoking appointment, and I stopped at the shop on the way home to buy more goodies for the kids treat tin, as the food in it seems to keep disappearing, can't think where to :rolleyes:, and I have just finished a whole bag of licquorice allsorts. That can't be good!! I feel sick but am already thinking about what else i can have. If I stay on here and write the worlds longest ramble, it may take me up to bed-time!!

I wouldn't want to do that to you poor lot though, so will try and find something a bit healthier!!

My nurse is "extremely" proud of me!! She even asked me to have a quick chat with another patient as he was in before me and was struggling. I did ask for commission, but she wasn't having it!!



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