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Just into day 3

Just starting Day 3 and chuffed to bits to have made it this far! I NEVER thought I could last a day without a fag.

The benefits are showing already. The stop smoking session lady said my CO is down to that of a non smoker. I feel I have more energy, am breathing better and experiencing new smells! Yesterday I was in a shop and could smell stale smoke strongly and thought 'Oh no, I still smell of it'. I then realised it was someone next to me! Made me realise how bad I must have smelled.

A question. Day 3 is renowned for being the worst. Does that apply to using patches etc ot just CT? Have psyched myself up in case, but feel OK so far.

Stay strong Day 3ers! ;)

BTW, how do we get signatures? I can't find anywhere to put one?

Catherine :)

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Well done, I used Champix, still found day 3 a toughie, but then again it is renowned for being a tough one!!

Apparently it is the day when the nicotine is fighting back as it is on the way out of your system and trying the best it can to make you keep it there! Something like that anyway!

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Hi Kat

Big well done on your day three. Yes day three can be hard Ct or not the nicotine is leaving the body so by about day 4 thats way things start to improve. Some dont find it hard so you may be one of the lucky ones. Your doing fab hun be very proud and very important dont forget to treat yourself.xxxxx:D:D


Hi Kat :D

Well done day 3 already and day 3 is not bad for everyone hun promise

To get a signature go to user CP top left of the page then go to settings and options and click Edit Signature put in whatever you want and hit submit job done OK


Marg xx


Aha, I see where to do the sig. Thanks :D

Am feeling manic as the day goes on, up and down like a yoyo and behaving irrationally. I've bought air fresheners for the house and car, some flowers and nice bubble bath. I want everything to smell nice!

Am off work today and maybe that isn't helping the cravings but am keeping busy and using the minis more than yesterday. I hope this mania settles tomorrow a bit as I'm back at work!

It helps to read on here that this stage passes. Erm, how soon was it!?? :eek:

Am determined to get through the other side though. My youngest son is chuffed to pieces that I'm quitting and my older son smokes so I am hoping to set a good example for him.

Thanks for the replies, it's really encouraging :D

Catherine :)


No smoking

Thanks for the tips


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