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No Smoking Day
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Oh yeah of course I did ... 6 weeks done and dusted!!

:p Just signing in as a shiny happy person who has 6 cold turkey weeks under my belt!!

A pilgrimage across a sandy desert would possibly have been an easier challenge than the last 6 weeks .. erm perhaps with a ciggie hee hee!! Would I smoke again ... HELL NO ... I am not going through all that again!!

I am sure there will be shaky days ... hopefully the 3 months won't be a slap around the face ... but right now i am going to bask in my success so far and the days that are getting easier and easier. Plenty of symptoms still going on but I am ok with that .. my poor abused soul is just adjusting to being treated kindly at last!!!!!!!!!

One little Turkey over and out ... for now!!

Night all

Jodi :)


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Well done Jodi - I'm aiming for where you've got to know!


well done jodi!!!

you keep on going lass!!!! freedom is worth fighting for.. high or low.. its worth all the effort.

6 weeks !!!!!! :eek: so very well done!!!!!!!!!!!


Well done Jodi 6 weeks is great


Marg xx


That's brilliant, Jodi. Bask away - you deserve to.


well done!!!! in 3 days i will be at my 6 week mark! still no cigs been smoked!

i even got my brother to get out of MY car to smoke, that felt so weird to say!


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