No Smoking Day
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day 15

i think haha well i got my quit smoking pack today in the post.

but i havent had any strong cravings today, but i would like to learn how to stop being so snappy to people. im temper seems to be getting shorter Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....

but hopefully this will pass,,,,,, my poor boyfriend............

and i dont know how long i will be coughing up yukky stuff.(but i guess in a way thats a good thing right!!!!

. i love reading all the threads on here, it really helps in the times of need,,,, so thankyou it really helps to know we are all in the same boat.

and i am using patches...... i think it makes it easyer....

i day i for got to put it on i ate every thing in sight which is a bit worrying !!!

never mind looking forward to getting over all this withdraw stuff soon.xx

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Hi Allya :D

Well done you 15 days is great but it's normal to feel as you do this early in a quit it will pass though


Marg xx


Yay well done 16 days for you now!!!

boing boing boing!!!!!

I was super snappy with my boyfriend too... it does pass... luckily i had a patient sort, which i'm sure you will have too.

keep going its soooo worth it... your over the worst!



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