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Flipping Heck, how much!


Morning all

I've been craving again over the week-end (I wish that would just stop now as I'm becoming bored with it!), however I popped into our local Co-op and I was gazing lovingly at the Marlboro Lights and noticed they are £6.06 per pack - FLIPPING HECK!! That means I am saving £9.00 per day (I was a 30 a day girl).

I never actually gave up for the money reason but looking back I have no idea where the £270.00 to supply my habit actually came from, as I do not have £270.00 per month left!!

Frankly that's enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.:)

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It's funny isn't it, when we're smoking, we will find the money for the fags. Now we're not we can't believe how we ever afforded it. We were going to put the money saved aside each week, but haven't been able to, but we sure as hell would have found the money for a packet of smokes.

I think I know where most of our cash is going, someone is sewing it into my waistline at night, it would explain a few things!!

Lorraine :)

i had a similar experience the other day.... i mostly smoked rollies, but Malboro lights were my happy brand of choice as 'a treat' or if i was going out drinking i'd by a pack......

Its amazing how much i used to not think twice about handing over!!!

It is lovely when you nip into a shop and your total comes to £2 something rather than £7.50 or so each time......

Fab post... thanks for reminding me of that one!

Zozie xxx

That is really scary - they were under 6 quid when I quit less than 4 months ago!!

Lozza is right tho, I couldn't find that £6 a day now if I tried. And it was worse than that......OH and I used to buy a box of 100 from Sainsburys on Friday night and they would be gone by Sunday morning.:confused:

The big difference I've noticed is not having to grab duty frees at the airport. I was spending £50 each time and congratulating myself on how cheap they were. What a mug :eek:

I have no idea how i found the money to feed my 20 a day habit. Mind you at the time i was also driving around in a car that wasn't going to pass its MOT without costing me a fortune. I've since replaced my car and the money i'm paying the loan with is what i used to put to one side for my smoking budget.

Smoking budget !!

It seems almost crazy now that i put smoking budget higher up the list than.. New Car, but i did.. and for many months.

Thats a stupid smoking addiction for ya.

Anyway, for me this was more than 7 months ago, and my newer car has never been smoked in ever and looks as tidy inside now as the day i bought it.. which is a far cry from my old car which i'm ashamed to say had fag ash splash a-plenty. :)

£6+ a packet now though? No thank you!!!

So far I dont really notice the cash side as I never bought cigs in UK for last 3 years...I used this as an excuse the have 2 holidays a year and stock up each time on 3000 cigs...however this, plus OH golden virginia used to give us a heafty credit card month after we came home....

I did notice a duifference in October not having the usual painful month when we came home and it will be interesting to see the difference this year.

However, at the moment I seem to be spending on other things and am at the moment checking out new sofa!! :D


I've spent mine on a new wardrobe of clothes to fit over my now-huge arse :D

Talking about duty free ciggies, I am amazed I never got caught coming through customs with my stash of cigarettes! Oh that would have been shameful. Mind you I may see how many bottles I can get through this year.:D

Lily - My lardy arse knows exactly what you mean xx

I'm shocked by the cost of smoking too! as I work in Export and travel regularly, I hardly bought any fags in the UK and they tend to be around £8 for 200 in Egypt and most of the Middle East!!

I also have no idea where the money is going now I've stopped as I am trying to save but struggling!

what annoyed me as a smoker, and still does now is the cost of it, basically making it a "vice" for people who can afford it, however EVERY scientific knows it kills and harms but nobody will have the balls to ban it (it is more harmful than cannabis), and why? because it brings BILLIONS in revenue to governments but also every smoker who has a job pays NI contributions twice since a lot of the tax on tobacco goes to the health service.

there is outrageous hypocrisy and unfairness... however I will say that Fresh Start is a great scheme and the help and support around for people who want to stop smoking is great.... still if it was banned as the poison that it is, there would be no need for any scheme!

Seems like I have money in my wallet that stays there. I also cross a

border every day (Live in Canada, work in US). They used to be $20 a

carton, now are $45 (~28 UK pounds) at the duty free....this made it

harder, as they were cheap.

It doesn't matter how much they are now though

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