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what month

Not sure which month I should be posting in, but don't suppose it matters really.

I was very pleased with myself yesterday, went out to eat with friends then on to a Carol Concert, saw lots go out at the interval but didn't feel even a little bit tempted.

I suppose it helped that none of the group we were with are smokers, but that wouldn't have stopped me in the past.

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Well done you, you have completed a whole month. Just think in a few days you will be able to say, "I stopped smoking last year", sounds great doesn't it.



Hi Marjie :D

Out with friends and not tempted that's great well done

It doesn't matter really where you post but you're in your 2nd smoke free month


Marg xx


Hi Marjrie

Well done for not smoking and reaching your first month. I can't wait to get to my first month which won't be very long now. 24th days of not smoking. I like you felt good not going for a puff.

I like Jackie's thought of thinking. "Few more days and I can say Stopped smoking last year". Thanks Jackie!;)

Keep up the good work.:)

Best wishes

Julie E


Its 'Month 2' for you if you follow the forum headings in their progression. You are over 1 calendar month quit, so yeah.. Month 2.


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