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No Smoking Day
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Day 25

Hi guys, haven't been on in a while!

I am into my second month of champix now and still smoke free 5 days out from a month!

I am enquiring about side effects of champix and also just of clearing out your body after so many years(17)of smoking!

Today walking the dog, I had severe chest pains and actually said "Owww", quite audibly!

I am wondering if it's the shock to the body of being free of everything or what?

Got a little scared!

Still, ofcourse I'll see my doctor but just wondered if you guys have had any similar experiences.


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Hi Al :D

WOW 25 days smoke free that's great Big Hug coming your way

It's quite possible the chest in was the body starting to heal but as it was quite severe please go and see the Dr to be on the safe side

Although some of us do get some pain when we quit

I'm not qualified to give medical advice


Marg xx


WELL DONE - be proud of yourself. Get the chest pains checked out


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