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How sad is this!

Yesterday afternoon I braved the freezing conditions and went into town to do the last (I hope) of the Christmas shopping. I was feeling awful (bad cold etc) and decided to stop at a cafe for a cup of coffee.

I could not believe it - minus probably 5 degrees and there they were - the smokers sitting at the outside tables in the freezing cold smoking. There must have been at least 10 of them and I have to say they looked absolutely ridiculous. Clutching cups of steaming coffee in one gloved hand whilst puffing away with the other.

I can honestly say I felt sorry for them and so very glad that I don't do that any more.

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Hi Soosy :D

I'll bet you're really glad you don't have to do that any more

Also hope you managed to finish the last of your shopping


Marg xx


Totally agree soosy, my favourite coffee shop is lovely and snug inside, I always sat outside all year round I must have been mad or totally dedicated to the demon weed. Smells lovely inside, fresh coffee and cakes yummie.....

Dee xxx


Noticed the same thing when I was shopping too, it actually stopped me grabbing a cup and the fact that the place was rammed.

Glad to no longer smoke on so many levels.

Reasons to be thankful

1) I don't have a dreadful hacking cough

2) I don't stink of fags anymore

3) I don't stress when I can't feed my addiction

4) I'm not paying out £5 plus a day to do something that kills me

5) I don't feel like an outcast


Hi Soosy

Went shopping with my friend yesterday and I also noticed the people outside of cafes.

I can't believe I would have done that a month ago!:eek:

Best Wishes and a ""Happy smoke free Christmas""

Julie E


I think we were all there once or twice.. brave a shop, have a smoke, brave a shop, have a smoke.. ohh the stress of christmas shopping /fear.

thankful to be through all that now.


We all need to pat ourselves on the back.

Off to brave the seething masses again. Thankfully as a non smoker.



Yeah Soo, we see them all the time. Its funny, but I can smell smoke

before I reach the door, but no ones there. Kinda glad I'm not out

there (it was -17C the other day)......yikes:eek:

Keep up da quit!


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