No Smoking Day
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Bad Day

Started back to work yesterday after 5 weeks sick with chest infection and to recharge the batteries. Yesterday went ok. Today wanted a smoke because of the stress. Didn't have one!! Went out with my mate on a break (cause she smokes) sniffed her smoke and felt ok????? Is this normal to sniff smoke and feel ok or am I wierd??? Keep up the good work guys Love Julie XXXX

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I had a phase of liking second hand smoke. Just be careful of playing with the demon's tail. He can pop you real quick like.


Thank you

I had a phase of liking second hand smoke. Just be careful of playing with the demon's tail. He can pop you real quick like.

Thank you stumpsounder xx


Hi Julie :D

Well done you resisting the urge to smoke due to stress at work after 5 weeks off sick also on going outside with a smoking mate and not giving in and no you're not weird liking second hand smoke it happens to a lot of us to start with

You're doing fine just hang in there it gets easier Promise


Marg xx


I haven't had a ciggie in over 14 weeks now, but I still sniff the smoke of colleagues:eek:

So you are not weird. Or maybe we are both weird and everyone else is normal?

Good luck with the quit my fellow weirdo:D


i try and guess the brand - thats pretty wierd :D


haha bman! any good at it?

I'm on day 10 and i'm having to be really careful now. I want to be near people to smell their smoke... but then that urge gets super strong for me. so i run away! i probably appear super weird at that point :p


Hi Julie

your doing realy well well done!!!;)

I cant go near anyone who is smoking as I know I will want to smoke. going to visit my cousine saturday, she smokes, she has agreed to go outside when she has a cig which is lovely of her.. keep on going nearly twin I move into week 3 tomorrow



Hi Sue

Thank you for your support you are giving me. Hope you have a nice time on Saturday with your cousin. Are you doing anything nice with her? Why not go shopping with her and you spoil yourself with something nice with the money you saved on not smoking. It's nice that she is not going to smoke in front of you. Have an enjoyable saturday.

Love Julie xx



Forgot to say

Well done for reaching your 3 weeks. Keep it up. x


hi Julie

off to bed so a quiky

she has gone docs and got patches, wwwoooo, first time in 53 years for herso Sat will be a motivation day and renforcement day I think. a win win for us both..

how u doing twin, you will be in week 3 1 day after me

Sue :):) xxx nite


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