No Smoking Day

day 22

Starting 4th week. As Ive mentioned before this is about my fifth time of giving up, and am just wandering for some reason this has been A LOT easier thn before. The cravings, although still there, are not as frequent OR as strong. I get some days worse than others, but havent had the "I must have a cigarrette", climbing the wall craving that Ive had before.

Does anyone know why that is? Im using the mini nicquitin Lozenges, probably have between 4-7 4mg ones a day, so am not even taking loads of them..I have also got a nice tin of pounds coins:D. Maybe its because I am more determined this time & Its a psychological thing, maybe the lozenges work for me, any ideas?


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You are doing great Maiden...keep r up, I don't know about the drops

you have, but whatever works....:D


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