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Day 19


:) And all going well, las night was my biggest worry as we had a party at our house, and first proper drink while being smoke free. And never even touched one, on all my previous times of giving up this is what let me down, and it was not too bad, the odd twinge but overall not too bad..Mind you I did suck an extra couple of Lozenges & they don't taste great with beer:D

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Well done maidenfan

Well done maidenfan, I think you should take this as a really good sign of how strong your quit is.

If this has been a stumbling block in the past, it no longer is. In my experience this for me has been my most successful quit too and I don't imagine losing this one because like you , this time I didn't fall at the same hurdles. My determination was stronger, or my luck was better, which ever it is, this quit feels different.

Does it feel different for you too?

Hi Maidenfan :D

Almost 3 weeks for you well done

That was a good trigger to get out of the way as well


Marg xx

Thanks, it has always been the one that has let me down in the past, like anything I suppose after i've done it a few times it will be fine...I was thinking about it all week, sad isn't it...

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