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No Smoking Day
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Day 24 and first Xmas party done and dusted

Hey guys,

Day 24 :) I managed to get through the works Xmas Party last night without a ciggie yay!!!! I can't say it was easy with all the alcohol around and my mates nipping off for a quick ciggie, but I did it :)

I was worried prior to the party, but it was fine :) Can't wait to get to the

1st month as a non smoker, I'm so nearly there :D

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Cool! Glad you made it through, it's not so bad and getting the first social do out of the way successfully is fab! Now you can party without fear :D


Thanks Deedeebel :) feeling good today, back right on track!!


Hi Michelle :D

Well done getting through the works Xmas Party smoke free that's great and a huge trigger out of the way for you

Almost a month for you now just keep goibng


Marg xx


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