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A golden oldeee returns

Hiya gang x How is everyone these days?? I'm still quit ( which is no suprise any more... I always will be ) :D .... I thought I would bob on cos someone asked how long I had been quit today and I found myself checking my QUIT COUNTER..... which was 8 month's on 23rd of November!

Life is good for me. I have just started a new job in the NHS in a hospital. I realised how glad I was that I had quit when I saw loads of nurses walking down to the dank smoking hide out in the rain :o

I do think back about my life as a smoking.... more with regret a pitty that I didn't kick the habit sooner than I did...but hey, I got here in the end.

Anyway, enough of my rambling :rolleyes: ..... good luck to you all out there... you're doing a fab job... and its so so so worth it. x x x

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2/3rd's of a year.. awesome job on this quit !!!!

Congrats on coming this far and glad to see you are enjoying being a non-smoker :)

Well done, and look forward to seeing you make a .. 'omg i've gone 12 months now' type thread ;)


Good to see you Slinky! Plenty of the MMQ Crew still going strong.... you guys are another fantastic team :) Congratulations on completing 8 months plus, sounds like you got a very strong quit going! Nicely done!


Hi Slinky :D

Good to hear from you again

Congratulations on your 8 + months smoke free

I'm just fine thanks and I hope you enjoy the new job


Marg xx


Hi slinky hun.

Well done you have got it licked Congrats. Also good luck on your new Job.xxxx



Congrats slinky, that's a really good quit and so glad to hear you had to check to know.



Big Well Done on your 8 months and congratulations on your new job, it's all good stuff for you now.



You mention co-workers going to the smoking area. That has to be a feel good situation. You inspire. Thanks.


Hi there Slinky,

Great to see you at 8+ months quit. Quite a few MMQs still going really well.

I'm impressed that you needed a reminder to see how long you had been quit! That just shows how normal it has become for you now. (My quit counter reminds me of every milestone as I approach them!)


Thanks for your replies guys x and so so glad to hear that so many of you are stil here, plodding on ( not that I ever doubted you wouldn't be ) :D

Yep, I'm loving my new job!! I love break times... I sit in the canteen eating my dinner... and enjoy my break... instead of rushing my food because I might not have enough time to get out for a smoke ( you will all understand that one ) :o .....

My hubby ( who is still puffing away like a trooper ) bought one of those electric ciggies t'other day. We got on about quitting smoking and he said " honestly, do you ever crave for one now ? " and I said " Honestly.. NO WAY!! I still think about smoking... but not me doing it! " if that makes sense. All my friends still smoke, so does hubby, so does my mum, actually come to think about it, everyone I knows does LOL! But I am at the stage now where it really does not bother me. I am just thankful that I managed to break that ridiculous habit that took up so much of my BLODDY LIFE :mad: and that is all that annoys me now.

Yes I have gained a few pounds.... I am one of those lucky people though that wanted to gain weight ( if you can call it lucky... I never ever could before I quit ) and the reason being was, when I was hungry, I just had a ciggie, and the feeling of hunger just went... which really it didn't, it was my mixed message thingy going on!! So now, I eat when I am hungry, cos I REALLY AM HUNGRY! and boy does food taste grand :) BUT, give me the choice of adding a few pounds or smoking... and the pounds can fly on for all I care!

Anyway... my fingers are aching LOL x good luck again gang x you're fabulous guys x


hey there slinky, very well done!!

keep up the great work xxxxx:)


*waves at Slinky*

Hellloooo, good to see you and even better knowing you are still a quitter.

Great news on the job.

See you in the penthouse!!!!




Hi Nog x ... you will get in the penthouse before me so plump up the cushions... get the kettle on....and get some choccie in will ya? :D


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