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Bum firmly on seat

Here I am in month 2, doing a Susan Boyle kind of hip wiggle while I get comfy in this nice chair.:p

Oooh look, there's some red in wine in the meter cupboard (thanks Octos!) :D and the room is lovely and tidy. I've got a few of my buddies here with me and looking forward to seeing lots more in the next few days. Alx13 is due here on Friday by my reckoning.

OK, sweeties to stock up on...... jelly beans, lemon sherbets, dolly mixtures, lollipops. Yup, all here. C'mon then Novos :D

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Wow Lilly, you look great in this room, well done you. xx I'm not due in here yet, just dashed in quick to say hello and congratulate you. xx


Welcome Lily

Ah so you brought sweets...we could arrange a swap from some of Soosy's fabulous chocolate cake...

Glad you found the wine, Pol and Christine were around earlier so it was touch and go. :eek:

Well done hun x


Glad you found the wine, POl and Christine were around earlier so it was touch and go. :eek:

Lorna! You cheeky mare :eek: Don't listen to her Lily;)

Lily, your looking fab in Month 2.

Put your feet up and bask in the achievement of getting this far. No easy journey (at times downright bloody treacherous) but your doing it :cool:

Enjoy the wine and sweets

Pol xx


Yay, congrats Lily!!

Save me a seat, i'm just collecting enough days and then i'll be chuntering in.... yippee..... looking forward to it.... i'll bring me big fluffy cushion and some incredible edibles... :D


Well missy, doing damn fine! Month 2 is v impressive! Not too long and some of us De Novo quitters will be joing ya! ;)


Hi Lily :D

Great you're in your 2nd month smoke free well done

That chair looks nice and comfy


Marg xx


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