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A compliment ?

I've been reading how some quitters notice they have clearer, fresher, younger, smoother, glowing skin after some amount of days/weeks.

Not me...... :(

I'd been trying to convince myself that may be I was one of the lucky (ex) smokers who had relatively good skin..... looked '10 years years any way and would be refused a make over?? ........... anyway..... tonight my OH who claims that I don't do compliments, informs me that my skin looks healthier. I was so chuffed................ I rarely wear make-up and do occasionally use a face scrub and moisturis most nights........ the routine of make up bores me quite frankly and au-natural look is quicker .... back to his 'noticing'....

I'd been looking for beneficial signs of having quit after 45 days and really were not seeing any or feeling any.... I honestly don't feel any benefit to my sense of smell or taste, my lungs are not clearing themselves of any evidence of having smoked for 30 years...... (quick but dismissed thought of roll-ups being healthier than tailor made, so start up again).... I am beginning to feel cheated of any benefits......... none financially, very little anyway.

And then comes my OH saying it's almost noticeable that I'm looking fresher, have a healthy amount of red about my complexion (it may be the wine, so I quickly hide the empty bottle) and feel rather pleased and ask what made him suddenly, or slowly have it dawn on him, that I looked different tonight?

He'd just watched the 'Celebrity, Get Me Out' programme and thought Jimmy (ex snooker player) looked really grey and shallow and this apparently made OH think, after looking at me again, how I didn't.

And he has the cheek to say I don't do compliments :p

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That made me laugh!! But hey, you are obviously looking good and perky so take the compliment (however it came...) and enjoy! Your oh sounds about as good at making a girlie feel special as mine! Poor inept sods!! :p


Thanks for that Dee - I haven't noticed any differences either - breathing, taste, smell - nothing. But, a couple of people have said I'm looking better (not my OH, she syas "morning tubs", but I'll worry about that later). I'm am seeing the financial benefits so it'snot all bad.

I'm figuring that after 40 years my body is in shock for the lack of poison so will take a little while to feel any physical benefits.... but I'm hoping....


I bet you do look better, Pol! It's just that you look at yourself daily and you don't notice change that way.... it's like watching your kids grow up.... day to day they always seem the same but then you look at photos and you're shocked. Take the compliment! :)


Hi Pol :D

Well done that man after 45 days he notices you're looking better and that from some one that doesn't do compliments WOW

You must really be looking great


Marg xx


Hey lady, take the compliment and run....

Just think if your OH has noticed such a change just think what others will be thinking....

You gorgeous creature you.....xx


I haven't noticed any differences either -

:( You could have at least lied Dave - all those drinks we've shared at the bar too

Thank you Marg and Bella and Lorna......... so nice to know who your friends are ;)

Anyway, I've decided to up the self care routine and see it I can make a difference that I can see - after all, this is for me :)


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