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No Smoking Day
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Day 13

Hi everyone wow were has the time gone soon be 2 weeks i cant believe were the time has gone :)

Hows all the oct quitters geting on?

I feeling a bit better as the days go by, i just take one day at a time, i had to laugh last night as my daughter who is 15 i no will NEVER SMOKE SHE HATES IT and i mean hates it.She said to me last night mum you do smell nicer bless her i did feel good as i no how proud she is of me as she hates smoking.

How is my quit buddy Dave geting on????

Anyway im day of today so going to see my mum and have a nice walk then wont be home till later so that takes my mind of it a bit.

The only thing i did notice today i was a bit snappy :eek: which didnt go down very well in the house but hopefully that will get better.

Hope you all have a good day :)

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Morning Kay and the Octoquitters (that makes you sound like a group from the 1950s!)

Pleased everything is going fine. Everything OK here. Have realised just how many of my friends smoke. Virtually all of them, which must be unusual these days. Maybe I was always attracted to make friends with fellow-smokers.

I've got some people coming round to assess the damage to my kitchen floor following the flood last week. Hope to can be fixed without too much aggro.

Have a good day,



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