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Has anyone failed CT and used gum?

Hi all

After several recent attempts at quitting cold turkey, I've caved on day 2 or 3 each time.

I really wanted to do this cold turkey but am now contemplating using gum for when the cravings get really bad. I sort of feel that this is cheating, as I'm still feeding my body nicotine.

What are you thoughts? Many thanks :)

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That or an inhilator...

what matters is that you quit smoking cigarettes.. breaking the cycle first off is your primary objective.

From the sound of things your getting to the last day and all becomes just a bit too much.

I really don't see using gum or other nrt to assist in those really difficult times as a sign of weakness from you, i see it as a sign of strength.. what would you rather? 20+ attempts of 3 days in length after this one? or the next attempt to be 'the one' and all because you were honest with yourself and at least kitted yourself out for success.

Yes it nicotine in another form, but it is NOT 4000+ poisons like cigs are, it is not smoking cigarettes and its every bit considered a method for success where quitting smoking is concerned.

If you need some NRT.. just get it.. and more power to you!!



well ive stopped for 14 months now, by using gum, and i dont see it as cheating!!!!!!

after 4 months into my quit the habit was broken and i replaced nicotine gum with a very strong spearmint gum-and it worked for for me

i can tell you this -the only way you cheat is by puffing on a fag!!!!!

if you feel gum is the right road for you-then take it-ignore those on the forum who are 'obssessed' with CT-we are all different and different things work for different people-WHEN MANAGED WELL!!!!

good luck with your quit xxxx


No it's not cheating at all - you just need to find the way that works for you.

I tried to do it cold turkey at first and lasted exactly 24hrs - I realised I needed a bit of help so I'm now on patches which seem to be working for me, it's helped me get out of the actual habit too as I can just slap one on then forget about it.

Good luck in whichever method you use - it's all a means to the same end! :)



It's not cheating, it's a helping hand and if using aids helps achieve your end goal, then use whatever help is there :)

I tried to do it on my own for the first 2 or 3 days and it was to much to want to put up with. It was distracting me from to many things... family, me and my work. Patches worked a treat in reducing things to manageable. I've now stopped those (two weeks on) and believe I can manage OK.... but I'm keeping some buy 'just in case' ;)


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