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Hooray - I am in week 2 and want to share this


Here I am I have made it here, a few scars to show for it especially the mental ones.

Wanted to share something with you all, I have been into hospital today for my preop checks and other checks, and when asked "Do I smoke" of course I could say NO. It felt so good to say that especially there.

Hope you all doing OK, we have come a long way, thanks for all the advice, help and encouragement I would not be here without it.

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Dee - You are a star! We know you've been through a difficult time, but you've come out the other end. Good on you girl. It does get easier.

Now, I can't wait til you're giving advice to others starting on this road. It won't be long and you can help others because you've been there.

have a great weekend

Lots of love coming to you


I bet if felt great to say NO to the do you smoke question, Well done you

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