2nd week

cant believe im into my 2nd week,so pleased week one is over with

got a really sore throat and tiny mouth ulcers ,plus a cough but know it will get better soon,,it wont kill me as much as smoking would,,

ive been putting a fiver a day in a jar ,thats what i would have spent on the ciggis its good seeing the money mounting up,,but biggest reason i need to stop is cos of health

good luck everyone


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  • Awesome Job well done you, Keep up the good work :)

  • Wow - you are on your 2nd week already. It really will start to get easier and easier, I bet it's great to see how much money is building up.

    But you are right, it isn't just the money - there is so many more benefits to quitting smoking. The best of all is being in control!

    Keep it up - stick with it!

  • thankyou both of you..yes does feel good seeing the money grow too aswell as knowing my health will be better,,ive not worn patches for 2 days ,not sure if they were helping or not but dont feel any different without them,, but cant do without my inhalotor thingy,,dont think id have managed to last without a ciggi if i didnt have it,,ive named it my givup,,lol ill prob be addicted to that forever now,,but at least its cheaper and healthier :)

    watched my mum die aged 52 when i was only 19 all through smoking so now im getting older i dont want my daughter/grandaughter to watch the same happen to me,,


  • Hi Marie :D

    Great well done you getting through the first week keep going

    Sorry you have a sore throat, mouth ulcers and a cough but as you say they'll all pass and are normal for lots of us



  • Well done quitter!

    Today is my 12th day!! Feeling good....no cravings....except for food...dammit! Par for the course i suppose. :rolleyes:

    Actually looking forward to the tighter ( very clean smelling ) clothes.

    Cigs are evil.

  • thanks marg

    and well done to you too gooselips:)

    we just been to find out what sex my daughters baby is

    and its a girl due march so ill have 2 little grandaughters soon :)

    deffinatly worth giving smoking up for


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