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75 Days today!

It's been 75 days since I last had a Benson and Hedges Silver, and feeling good!

In fact, I forgot about smoking until I came on here:D

I still use a patch every day, am on STEP 2 Niquitin.

And I have had some major stress at work these last few months, so I can't believe I have been so strong willed!

My experiences so far have been mixed, from days when I have felt depressed, something I have never suffered from before, to days when I feel like running the marathon!

But overall what is really nice is being in control. Smoking used to control me. But now,no more popping out at work at the wrong moment and missing the call from the top boss! No more squeezing two fags in before the 3 hour meeting, and lighting up the moment I was out the door. No more dropping fag ash onto my newly pressed suit trousers when driving to work or an important meeting.

No more! Yippee!

I know it is early days, but going good:D

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congratulations :thumbup:


Hi Stateofplay :D

WOW 75 days smoke free that's great 3/4 of the way to the first Century

You're doing great and pleased to here you're feeling good I hope you're also feeling very proud of yourself


Marg xx



Well done!! I must be around there myself. Certainly know about those days of feeling depressed (this week!!) and those when I feel too full of energy adn feel I can do anything.

And the work thing - spot on for me also. Running out between meetings (or pretending you needed the toilet!!!) and coming back stinking of smoke and everyone giving you the evil eye.

Lets keep it going!!


Well done, I really hope I make it to 75 days :)


Well done, I really hope I make it to 75 days :)

Well done StateofPlay thats brilliant .....and Michelle course you will 75 and way way way way beyond that bet ya :)



Well done on your 75 days quit dude:D


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