No Smoking Day
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I can't believe it - I' in Week 2!!

HI Everyone

I'm soooooo happy today I'm in week 2!! I've made it and I'm still alive (ha! ha!)

I would not have done it without this forum and you OctoQuits, thank you so much.

I hope you are all having a great smokefree day today.

I don't know whats wrong with me today I feel like a kid at Christmas!! I'm so excited??

It's still early days, I know but I'm just so pleased.

Well done to you all and you Soosy - I know you are in to your week 2 as well - WE did it yes!

Thank you all again - you are such great support.

Tink xx

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Way to Go, I quit on the 21st Oct and haven't felt better. I'm constantly tired though!!!


Congrats Tinks, welcome to your new home for the next 7 days. feels great doesn't it so enjoy - you've earned it.


Hello my love

I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl today (think it's all the sugar). You are doing really really well. Well done you.


Hi tinkerbell :)

Well done you the first week done and dusted is great keep it going

you have every right to be like a kid at christmas




Fantastic Tinks I'm so proud of you - well done! See you tomorrow on day wait for it 9!


Going to spend the weekend baking lemon drizzle cakes!


No way Tinks...that is great, it seems no time at all since you posted that you were about to start day 1...

Congratulations and enjoy.....



Well done - our team's doing great. I feel so good about myself and everyone else. Big yippee for our team. Just think, we can all have a roll call around Christmas and none of us will have the New Year Resolutions (which are broken by about 2am) to give up smoking, because we're already there.

Well done, big hugs to all of us



Well done

Well done to tinks and all octoquits in week 2, I have joined this morning and like tinks yesterday feel great that I have made it.

Thanks for all the support everyone


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