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Day - 10


Ok am still wearing the patches at night and still enjoying my "naughty" dreams ha, ha!!! Am doing this so I don't get that "I want a fag" feeling first thing in the morning. But the thing is I do.

As soon as I wake up all I want is a cigarette with my cup of tea. The feeling soon goes away after I've cleaned my teeth and had a shower etc but the feeling is so strong it's doing my head in!

Too scared to leave the patches off at night because I know that once I do I'm going to wake up with an almighty craving. The feeling does pass and usually by midday I'm ok again and pleased with myself that I haven't succumb, but I just want it to stop!!!!

As a rational, human being I know that not smoking is the only healthy choice but that little voice inside my head keeps saying that I could just have one every morning and that would be ok. Obviously I know this little voice tells big, fat porkies because I know that the junkie in me could never, ever stop at just the one and that is what is deterring me so far.....

Finding this quit tougher than the last one and I don't know why.....

PP xx

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Hey PP

I was very much like that yesterday, and frankly it would not have taken me much to say sod it but today is better. I know I sound corny but it is really one step at a time with this.

Giving you a hug sweetheart.

Pretend your in Labour, pant pant pant and then push that craving out of you.

Pingu youve just laid an egg, awww baby pingu's, see you'll just have to sit on it now.

Thanks Christine, big hugs back at you....

And Murph, the breathing has actually helped, but I have stuff to do today. WTF am I gonna do with these????

I will have a couple (do you roast them or stew them:D)

Make fur coat regards Cruella

Give them bradders, it will keep him amused for an hour or two lol.

PP i still wake up in the morning and reach for my fags, it was the one cigaretter a day that I always enjoyed. Its just the routine of it, remember its something we did everyday for as long as we did and will take some time to break that habit.

Have a nice bar of chocolate next to your bed and smoke that I mean eat that instead.

Come on PP your doing really well.


Thanks J,

Just having one of those mornings, but I'm over it now. Looking hot and off out to flirt with my solicitor and get him to sign something I need.

PP x

I will have a couple (do you roast them or stew them:D)

Evil! Are you related to Murph??

If its a big fat cheque - i NEED one as well so if you could just ask him to make it payable to YOUNME that would be great.

If its the other (like gardening/decorating) well then you NEED him more than I do right now, seeing as though my gardening and decorating got done last night lol.


Make fur coat regards Cruella

You know what Murph: This is just how I picture you:

Yeah ive only got 2 left now


New boots coming up

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