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onto 5 week & 6 days just!!!a bit odd

hi all i am going into 5 weeks & 6 days(just by 7 mins) ... i am having a funny day today was in work wanted a fag felt depressed & miserable...i tried to see what my mind was missing today & basically it was this - the little routine of the opening of the cig packet & lighting the very first cigarette out of it & that today is what i missed in work & especially tonight oh well i didnt but just the thought of everything that goes with smoking i missed terribly .. i know the whole other side of the coin eg bad for you, waste of money, the list goes on

but for today that is what i missed...had my first smoking dream a couple of nights ago too - the dream was weird i was really happy lighting up a fag & at the same time a few people(no one i knew or saw just aware of)where looking down with me why i lit it(like in a huddle) i also remember saying "but one wont matter will it" then my dream turned to my face looking confused . I woke thinking i still smoked for a split second & kind of was a bit dissapointed coz i would have to battle through another day .... strange i know - sorry to bore you all

anyhow almost to week 6 & i feel okay with not smoking i just miss it :)

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I know what you mean, but this i think will fade too in time.

Just give life and your daily routine a chance now to reprogram itself so that opening that packet and the rest of it is not longer a part of it.

Its time to move on from that, and if we treat the whole smoking thing as a sinking ship, and everyones trying to get off it.. do you really want to be the last one on that ship .. just having one last final one...

No. You just don't.. be one of the first and cling onto that lifebelt like your life depends on it. You are capable of so much more.

Hang in there.. life believes in you.



thanks jase like that about sinking ship, i do know though that i dont ever want to smoke again & maybe that is why i feel like this..i cant think one day at a time anymore it dosnt work not now so far into quit.. my OH used to smoke he been quit for couple of years now. I said before how easy it would be to just have a fag..he agreed & said how it could be easy for him too especially on a night out. But the very next day he would feel so depressed for it. So it must never ever leave us. So maybe has ive said before it dosnt get easier we just get used to it so therefore it gets easier. & i suppose the longer youve quit the more dissapointed you would be with yourself for smoking again bla de bla i am a witter er

we all doing good, im just missing part of my head today i think x


Hi KitKat :D

Great going almost 6 weeks now Big Hug for you

Sorry you had a funny day yesterday where you missed the ritual of opening a new pack and taking out that first fag

Dys like this will get fewer and fewer as you go along this road

Also you didn't bore me in the least, telling how you feel helps you and that's after all what we're all here for to help each other with this


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


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