No Smoking Day
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Fruit........lovely fruit!!

I am soooooo glad to not be smoking anymore :)

It may be tough but I am enjoying the benefits..........I've got a tummy bug at the moment so feeling a bit icky :( decided I fancied some nice fruit so off i set with my son to go to Tesco to get some. On the way I was grumbling about how within a couple of days their fruit has gone bad to which my son replied "what's your problem go to waitrose and get it you can afford to now that you're not smoking".

And you know what he was right..........I have just been to waitrose and bought lovely fruit that I will really enjoy. No more counting the pennies I can buy my fruit wherever I want...........hehe

Tommorow I might go and buy myself a big bunch of flowers :D

Carol xxx

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you go girl

You buy yourself the best fruit and the biggest bunch of flowers you can deserve it.

I too am looking forward to saving some money and am contemplating a new sewing machine (and i dont know how to sew) to keep myself busy and try and be a bit creative.

I think for many of us..though I can only speak for myself...I know that like a true addict I always made sure to have fags even if something else had to buying cheaper groceries..not having money to do extra curriculars.. Good for you for being so honest with yourself.

Keep up the good work xxx


I know I can't believe I can get so excited about spending extra money on some fruit. But with 2 strapping lads to feed my shopping bills are massive and then with the cost of fags, yes I admit I cut certain things out of the shopping to be able to buy my fags.

It just feels so nice to be able to buy the more expensive items just because you can afford to.

I've already bought a new tele for my bedroom as my old one blew up :D

carol xx


Hi Carol :D

Sorry to hear you still feel poorly but well done going to waitrose for fruit at the suggestion of your son as you can afford it now

Do buy yourself a huge bunch of flowers you deserve that at least

I hope you feel better tomorrow


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


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