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im just wonderin if anyone has tried using kalms to help reduce the stressy side of quittin smokin, i have some in my cupboards and was wondering if i should use them for the first few weeks as i am going cold turkey, im thinkin if it helps promote natural sleep patterns and stuff if they would help in any way, the pharmacy think they will but then she sed she has never smoked!!!

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Hi Suzy :D

I used Kalms at times both during and before the quit and they do help with the stressy thing and sleeping

I have also used Nytol which is very similar at times I found them both to be good

It wouldn't hurt to try them as herbal and non addictive anyway

I used them before I quit several times over the years as I have always had bouts of not sleeping and they help get you back to a regular sleep pattern


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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