No Smoking Day
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Day 22

*Rings the door bell* Hello new roomies ive come here to stay for a few nights have you got any spare beds? or do i have to make my own ive got wood and nails?

This morning i feel happy to be out of week 3 that week really did throw some hard challenges so hoping ill have a better week this week.

Thanks for all the support everyone and marg ill be good as i want to stay away from your steel toe cap boots:D

lee x

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Hi Lee :D

Well done into week 4 you go that's great Bug Hug for you

I hope you didn't have to make your own bed I'll put a reserve notice on mine

in the 6+ month room for you OK

Pleased to hear you feel happy this morning at leaving week three behind

Glad to here you plan on being good in order to stay away from my steel toecaps :D funnily enough the threat of them is usually enough just lately but not throwing them out just yet I may still need them for someone


Marg xxxxxxxx


Brill Lee

Well done Lee you sound really good this time round. This is defo the one for you :) Yeah best be good you know Marg steal toe caps are bloody painful I can tell you :D


hi ace well done

hi ace well done, im right behind you.. i get a good vibe off ure post? you feeling okay today?

shocked didnt know marg could be vicious:D

"quitting is easy" lol hey if we keep starting our posts with that sentence maybe we will start to believe it x worth a go

hey trendy how you doing? x


Ahhh - so glad you are back and doing so well - see, you can do it and you are doing it x


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