No Smoking Day
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going into Day 14

day 14 tomorrow and i feel ... great actually, I dont know why but i really do feel good ... i have stopped eating my own body weight in chocolate now.

I havent been on for 2 days and Im sorry about that.

it is now 18.33 and I have had not 1 single crave that i can recall today.

Maybe setting myself up for a fall here, But for the first time I can actually visualise myself not ever smoking again.

heres hoping lol




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Hi Dave :D

Well done on day 13 almost 2 weeks as a non smokerthat's great

Keep it going

Glad you're feeling good and no craves today


Marg xxxxxxxx


oh dear im such a dummy .. its day 14 tomorrow :eek:

and i have had the worst day yet .. new i was setting myself up for it .. I have been snappy and in a mood all day, my poor wife and kids have borne the brunt of all..

why have i suffered so much after a great day yesterday??

I HATE feeling like this .. i wanna feel good again :p

on a plus note .. no puffs so i survived .. lol

take care



Hi Dave :D

Sorry to hear you had a bad day yesterday and hope you have a better day today

Unfortunately days like this do happen but they get fewer and fewer as you go on Promise

Just hang in there it does get so much easier and better for you


Marg xxxxxxxxx


thanks again for ur support guys ... feelin better today ... maybe because im getting some sausage rolls ... .bring on the Greggs lol



Glad you're feeling better............I'm day 17 today and seem to be having good day, bad's driving me nuts :)

Hang on in there ................I keep being told it gets easier............still waiting though :D

Carol xx


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