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No Smoking Day
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Day 5

Going to take my daughter to the park this afternoon and get some marvellous oxygen circulating through my body. I am an evangelist for it now!

Felt sad about not smoking earlier today (and it really started last night). Not cravings, just a bizarre but very real sense of deep loss. Like I was losing a part of who I am. There's something about smoking that I always associated with being a maverick, fun, young, sexy etc. Irrational, but there we have it. I've decided that I will take the time to accept the loss rather than, you know, deny it. I'm going to acknowledge to myself that I am giving up something that was a big part of my life, and I lived it and did it, but now it's gone and life's different. Does anybody remember/is anyone going through this? Apologies if everyone goes through it. Interested if anyone has some good coping strategies and how long this mourning period usually lasts? Thanks! xxx

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Hi Katie

I would say that it is a bit like mourning. I have to say that I've had relatively few cravings since day 3. Perhaps only a couple a day. What I do have, however, are thoughts of having a fag in situations which were part of me. I would normally have gone into the garden at 9.30pm (when kids are in bed) with either a coffee or glass of wine and a fag. I don't do this anymore and miss the routine to the point of feeling a bit sad/disappointed, but I don't crave for the fag. So, yes, these are the mini mourning episodes!! I have to say that on Day 10, they aren't quite as frequent. I find that having thoughts of feeling chuffed with myself for being a non-smoker and physically smiling (believe it, or not!!!!) helps me through these tricky episodes. x


Hi Kate and Zolat :D:D

This is something most of us go through to some extent some more than others but it will pass Promise

It varies from person to person as to how long it lasts because as we are all different so are our quits but go it will

As for strategies I don't know of any I think you just have to go with it if that makes sense,but remember there's always someone aroung to give a lift if/when you need it all you have to do is ask


Marg xxxxxxxx


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