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I need some help!

Hi All,

Day 19 for me and it is not a good one. I am at my brothers for a barbecue and am an emotional wreck!! Hard to explain but I have embarassed myself by being over-sensitive and tearful. I broke a glass (by accident) and the old me would have laughed and said sorry. A few people took the p and I just crumbled - had to go inside and wash up, fighting back tears and wanting to go home. Everyone noticed and I feel so stupid and just want to go home!!!!! When will this misery end - I just want to feel normal again! None of my family smoke and so I appreciate that they don't understand but I feel so emotional. I have not smoked though so thats one positive!

I am now in my brothers bedroom because I feel too silly to go back outside :(


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Bless you honey. You are doing so well, this will all settle down soon. Wipe your tears, deep breath & stride out there. Presumably they all support you in your quit as we all do here. Pretend where all with you when you go back out :D

Love Gaynor xx


Hi Josephine,

So sorry you feel that way but please it'll pass, honestly, just be strong - your coming up for 3 weeks and seemingly the 3s can be bad, day 21 (last Sat) was a living hell for me, the worst day ever and I was sooooo close to packing it in and having a fag, came on here and got a lot of help and went to bed early, Sun was very very much better. BE STRONG......BIG HUGS XXXXX


Thank you so much!!!! I will try and pull myself together. I will get through today and hopefully have a better day. I feel so silly though. Right deep breath and face my demons!!

Big love to you all! I cannot explain how much you are helping me

Josephine xx


Don't stress, we've all been there to a greater or lesser degree.

As time goes on the really good days become more plentiful and the horrid days fewer and fewer. Concentrate on putting more space between now and your last smoke and quite soon you'll be feeling much better about it.

19 days is no time in comparison to how long you smoked, its still early days. Stay strong and resolute and ignore anyone that takes the p, you are doing great. Just keep reminding yourself how much you have achieved so far with this quit.

Trust yourself and your choice of username - your are right you CAN do it Josephine.




Hi Josephine :D

Well done 19 days is great but sorry you're feeling rough at the moment but being emotional is normal and will soon pass

I totally agree with what everyone else is saying to you and it is very early days so chin up girl you can do this really you can, it just takes a little time is all


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Thank you all - have decided to go home to the safety of my own cosy bed! I maybe need to stay away from barbecues or avoid dropping glasses for a while as my emotions will just get the better of me. I cant believe I got so upset!

Nic - yes i can do it :)

Youcandoitjosephine xx


:( now :)

Thanks x


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