No Smoking Day
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Its a lovely day

hi all, I have just been out playing ball with my 5 year old son and a puppy I found in a skip 6 months ago now the poor dog had been left to die, I call him Sparten he his in the best of health now its great to be smoke free I am also using 2 forms of nrt its better than smoking I know I will have to address it soon do thinking of you all :)Jimbo

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Hi Jimbo :D

I hope you enjoyed the game with your son and the dog

How could anyone treat an animal like that well done for redcueing him and I'm glad he is now healthy


Marg xxxxxxxx


Well done to you for giving a home to the little pup.

I also used NRT in the beginning and we do eventually have to come off it but having read and had help from the forum I knew exactly what to expect. My nurse is also very good she believes in cutting back the patches and cutting them up too to gently come off them. The important thing is you are not smoking.

I wish you many more smoke free days.



Hi Jimbo

Enjoy your time with your son it dont last long. They grow so fast. Well done still smoke free dont worry about the NRT you can deal with that when your stronger.xxxx


Hi Jimbo,

Glad you're doing so well.




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