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He he he Day 7 and almost a zero!!

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Been to stop moking nurse, as predicted big grin on my face.

She asks how i got on and i said do you think i smile like this for nothing? I've not smoked!!

Blew into Crabon Monoxide meter and i got a 1...looking a little confused i asked why not a zero, she replied beacuse NON SMOKERS (notice the capital letters over there<::::::::: ) get a 0 to 3.

She said i was just thinking to myself that you proberably wouldn't come back this morning..Ha Ha Ha!! i would have said same a week ago, but theres no stopping me now!

So more patches, i asked how long and what strength.

6 weeks of strongest

2 weeks of weaker

2 final weeks of even weaker.

As i left i said i felt so proud to come in and say i have stopped smoking.

Congratulated me, said she was very proud too!!

So theres the highlight of my day.

Hope everyone is doing well on whatever day you are.

Sending positive vibes your way ~~~~~~~

From a very buzzing Nikki xx

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Well done, 5 more weeks of strong patches, then 2 weeks of weaker then 2 weeks of weakest, the problem I have is start to feel complacent on the strongest after about 5 weeks so then have to watch myself and OH carefully.

Best wishes

xxxx Pupalup xxxx

Thanks Jim i'll have a nosey at it after i have had dinner :)

Ah yes i remember reading this yesterday, especially the cutting the patch down in size bit.

Although i can see it working for some but not all.

I mentioned this to the nurse and the fact i felt confident enough yesterday to keep my patch off.

I was warned not to.

She knows the struggle i have had over the years trying to quit and she said she didn't want me doing either as i run the risk of less nicotine in system and could change how i am dealing with cravings and as a result i may want a ciggie.

So i'm unsure if it would work for me.Part of me wants to try and part of me don't.

I just dont want to stuff up how well i am doing this time after umpteen years of trying to quit.

As for the patches and how the company drags it out, i'm not really that fussed.

I know they are proberably sly with false advertising but, I'm just so pleased with myself for getting this far it falls into significanse (SP)


Hi Nikki :D

You're doing great and on day 7 already well done you

As for whether to come off the patches or cut them down I don't know much about them, but think you should go with how you feel about it


Marg xxxxxxx

Day 8! Me too - got a 1 rather than my dangerous 10 last week!

Hi Nikki,

That is so funny, me too I went back to the no-smoking Doctor yesterday and blew a 1 into the reader, and a week previously i was 10! He was very surprised I just couldnt stop smiling, he asked me did I use the patches I said no and was happy to return them to him unopened and he said he thought I should keep them just in case. I think he is right, you know I have just realised the huge association I had between alchohol and cigs and I can safely say if I had been drinking at the weekend I honestly think I would be back at square one right now. So that is a huge lesson for me and I will be staying off alcohol for another few weeks to remain safe.

I cant actually believe the cravings though, they are disappearing slowly each day, I mean last week it was all i thought about trying not to have one, and no it doesnt enter my head so much at all. It is great, I feel great and am even starting to sleep again!!!!

So happy - how is everyone else doing??

MJ x

Hi MJ...I know if a drank then i would prob would be back on the cigs.

Today whilst out up town i have to admit i had some hard cravings to deal with, it seemed everyone i walked past had a ciggie, i forgot to change my patch as well so got out my trusty inhalator.

Back home now and still thinking i want a ciggie but i'm not going to!

Glad your doing well my quitter pal.

Nikki xx



Good on you for not having one whilst out on town - that is good, I think it is all about breakign habits! Once you kill the cravings then you can basically just tackle anything. I have quite a lot on at work so I am trying to balance it with exercise so I dont get all stressed out.

Are you managing to sleep okay - am sleeping better than I was but still finding it hard to get a full nights sleep - any tips?


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