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3 months gone!


Well, I made it to the 4th month today. Just finished 3 whole months! Feeling much better. Have saved a bundle of money, and am free!

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Hi Jody :D

3 whole months done and dusted well done you and so glad you feel better, saved a lot of money and are free



Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Congratulations Jody! Excellent job :D

thats brilliant! Can't wait till I enter here! It all seems easier!!

Thanks, Marge, Bella, and Fiona.

Well done hun

3 whole month thats fab work. Dont forget to treat yourself you have earned it.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hooray 3 Whole Months

Hey Jody congratulations, cant wait to catch u up,, Some days are very long and dont always think can get through, then b4 I know it am counting milestones, which is great...... Brilliant Keep up the good work....;)

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Fantastic 3 months is a great milestone


The 3 month mark sounds magical and one that I am so looking forward to.

Well Done!!



Thanks Linda, Kaz, Nic and Nog.

let freedom ring

jody, how wonderful,.. it must feel fantastic.. in so many ways...

well done

Hi jody, well done 3 months done thats a great milestone to pass. Fantastic, keep smiling:)


Thank you Jane and Tracy. It always feels good to get a pat on the back.

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