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No Smoking Day
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The 4-7 day crew Friday Evening Thread

Hi folks,

I can't sleep, so I thought I'd start another patented Evening thread, see what you peeps are up to. I'm chewing on my 11th nicorette gum right now, and am drinking plenty of water. I need to get my flat tidy tomoz. Listening to Sting right now, you gotta love it.

Oh and if tonight's evening thread is as successful as last night's, I'm bidding for a share in nosmokingday.org.uk (that was a giggly)

What are you all up to?

Love you all,

P. x

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Good evening my ickle MMQ BUD!!

Well tonight, I was gonna Poo bricks and build houses by getting the rest of my packing done... DID I GET IT DONE?? no :o I have sat on my lazy arsenal all night :o

Well I still need a shower and wash and dry my hair too :eek: all these jobs are just building up!! I will regret it tomoz when I'm drunk and in charge of an iron!! ( I'm sure there is a criminal offence with that ) :D ... and then I have our party to attend tomoz night!!! gonna be busy busy busy


You sound in a good way slinky, well the washing/showering/ironing/packing...I mean...can't someone else do it?! :p

Hey we need to nominate an MMQ to start the party thread tomorrow night. I nominate CJM. :)


Raddleman, you are aware that nicotine is a stimulant? ..which stops you sleeping - and 44mg of nicotine from gum is about twice what you'd get from the strongest NRT patches, which they prescribe for 'heavy' smokers .. so you're probably getting the equivalent of something like 60 to 100 fags' worth of nicotine from that much gum.

Trust me, I've not just quit smoking, I've quit snus, from which you're getting a ridiculous amount more nicotine. To give you an idea as to the levels of nicotine I'm used to, I'll chain snus 2 8mg portions all day (changing every hr), and add the odd 16mg/g snus in too. We're talking 260+ mg of nic. I had acute insomnia from it for 4 days, then I got used to it. Nicotine overdose is not something I'd recommend - it horrid, worse than a hangover. (and not really something you can get from cigs)

I appreciate the concern though, but trust me, when I need to sleep, I'll sleep like a babe, it was just a turn of phrase cos I'm up late ;). I'm taking relatively innocuous amounts of the evil stuff through my gum.

Love P. x


wow... how naive I am... I'd never even heard of snus!! Just done a google now and looked it up on Wikipedia


wow... how naive I am... I'd never even heard of snus!! Just done a google now and looked it up on Wikipedia

I pretty much quit smoking with the stuff. I was into nasal snuff too. How bizarre? lol.


Ah i hope your date goes well on Sunday Paul.Thanks for your ickle comment about giving me a hug.I feel so much better now that am off the fence and joining in to my family forum.This is how i feel now :D LOL x


Well I felt like you needed a hug so <<<huggg>>> :) Thanks, I hope Sunday goes well too lol. I guess we are kind of a family forum (don't know whether I'm allowed to say such things, only been for a while... or so). Margaret is our quit mum, she welcomed me aaages ago when I 'thought' I'd quit (now it's the real deal).

You gonna stick around for our party tomorrow night?


Hi Paul :D

Of course you're part of the family big Hug on it's way

Keep going you're doing great

See you tonight unless I have to babysit my 3 grand daughters


Marg xxxxxx Quit Mum


day 4 :-)

to all who can smell and breath and live wiout poisenin themselves a big hairy well done-

my day 4 startd ther at 12 midnight so as a treat 2 mesel i is gone sit in front o the fire, drink a big cup of tea and watch a zombie flic-

day4-lets be haven u-


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