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2nd day and still going

This is the second day since my last fag, and

It feels terrible, I felt ill couple times. I can't take patches because i'm young and i doubt Shops would let me buy them. I normally take a packet of Gum (Tridents ) to school.

I had a inside pe lesson today and the teacher told us after 2 circuits to check our Pulse for 30 seconds. I was so knackered, I couldn't even lift an arm.I think The beats were 95 and thats 190 beats a minute. I felt so shocked and I was too embarrased to say anything.

i'm on a smoking course with the school, and now I have to go in Break times and Lunch Times for the course.

But when I was in school today, half of my mates supported me and the other half Laughed and forcing me to smoke.

Also to keep me really busy for most of the week i've joined Football club, rugby club, and having bike rides to the mountains. The route i take there and back takes around 5 hours. I could do the route much faster if i did not stop all the time =/ And also looking on this fabulous (sp?) website.

Well thats it for today, Hopefully i can still resist the cravings tommorow.

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Hi Jamie :)

Well done on day 2 you're doing really well sorry you are not feeling to good but I promise you it will soon start to get better for you I'm afraid I don't know about you being able to get patches but see your GP he may be able to help or go to a clinic and they may

Make full use of the smoking course at school try to ignore those trying to make you smoke at the end of the day you will be the one laughing as you make your dreams come true and will be able to laugh at them if you want

and thank the ones who are supporting you am glad you are keeping busy with your sport and the Bike Just hang in there Jamie



PS maybe the course at school could tell you about getting patches or something and whether this is possible and I know that if someone on here knows anything about this they will let you know the how, where and when


Well done Jamie, keep on doing what you are now, if you keep at it you wont finish up like me and others on here, the only running I do is to catch the bus. Found this on the NHS site. David

Help them to access doctors or facilities such as the NHS Smoking Helpline (0800 022 4 332), and see if your child's school has any plans to deal with smoking. Children aged 12 to 17 can now be prescribed nicotine gum and patches to help deal with any cravings. Speak to your GP to find out more.



Dont let them pull you down... be your self.. at the end of the day its your health, believe me if I was you age , how I wish i could turn back time and not pick up a cigarette at break times.

Keep yourself busy... you will be the one laughing at them in 10 years time!! eh..

Keep up the good work and will power... your health and stamina will return within the week and you will notce a big difference in your breathing etc at PE,

Speak soon eh.. good luck and keep the faith!!


Jamie you are doing just great!!!

Read back on all the support you got on your 'day 1' posting, and you'll see that soon your 'friends' ( are they friends if they try to force/bully you into smoking??) won't be laughing, as they will be the ones who carry on smoking into their 50's and you will have kicked a habit in the teeth before you reached your late teens- if you can do this just imagine what you'd have the willpower and resolution to do next!

I'm glad you're getting help from some friends & the school- you could make a docs appt if you wanted, as he may be able to prescribe you a lower dose patch to help quit.

Hope you have a good day, and remember, tomorrow is day 4.. and you'll be able to say to those school 'friends'.. No thanks, I don't smoke!!



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