Getting there!

Made it to day 3 .... and it's RED NOSE DAY!!!! We got a lot going on in work today ... cake stall and I'm dressed as an England rugby player! Yesterday was a bit of a struggle as the novelty of No Smoking Day was over and it was just a case of getting through ordinary days without a cig! I just kept thinking about how p***ed off I'd be with myself if I had a smoke.

Hope everyone who started on Wednesday with me is holding it together. Be well everyone

Stuart :)

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  • Morning Beltainne

    Does that outfit include the cauliflower ears? Well done on reaching Day 3, excellent! Keep going and enjoy the cake!

    Cheers TT

  • Hi Stuart,

    Dressed as an England rugby player? In Scotland, that's brave or foolish not sure which!!! :eek:

    You're doing great, just keep choosing not to smoke today, and each day :)

    All the best


  • Well done Stuart,

    Day 3 already, were does the time go!!!

    You will soon be counting in weeks :D

    Keep going your doing great!!!

    You have plenty of activities to keep you busy today. I hope you raise loads of money!!! :D

    All the best to you.



  • Cheers boys and girls!

    And don't worry Nic, I work in a University so there are loads of every nationality kicking about .... just doubt I'll be popping into the local after work mind! :D

    Cauliflower ears TT? Not yet but the day is young!!!!!

    Have a good day everyone .... Stuart

  • Good Luck Stuart

    If an EK guy can quit then i am sure a Strathaven guy can quit.....:D

    Something in the South Lanarkshire air.......

  • Well that's darn nice of you John!!! I'm sure I won't let the SL down;)

    Mind you ..... the weekend beckons ...... ooo-err

  • Hi Stuart :D

    Well done you day 3 already and as you say red nose day to boot glad you had fun just hang in there



  • Hi Stuart,

    Well done on reaching day 3.

    Enjoy the remainder of Red Nose Day.

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