No Smoking Day
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Light at the end of the tunnel!

Ive been quit 8 weeks five days.

Yesterday i drove about 300 miles and didn't chew gum, eat haribos etc etc and didn't ONCE think of fags!

Went to see the mother in law last night and she asked me how i felt since Ive stopped i replied "stopped what"? fantastic a full day without a craving, well nearly. Had a slight minuscule afterthought with glass of pinot grigio and question time but that was nowt.

Thirty to fourty a day for twenty years i think i might just have cracked it (still watching my back though).:D

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Hi Pennick :D

Almost 9 weeks quit thats great well done and driving 300 miles with no gum or sweets and not a twinge is good

M I L asks how you feel now stopped and you don't realise what she means excuse me that made me laugh just imagining the look on her face oh dear

Anyway back to job in hand I to think you've cracked it but as you say watch your back those Nico :eek:Demons are dead sneaky little sods

Love Margxxxx


Well done Pennick!

Don't drop your guard but equally its quite liberating when you actually realise that you never need to smoke again!!


Pennick..... this was my favorite post in a while!!!!!!!!!! Good going, you!! You nipped it for sure..... no way nicdemon can get you now!!! He may try but you sound too happy and too strong! Thanks for a great, great post!!!


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