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Day 9 !!

Unbelievable I'm still here !! Wow day 9 and in all fairness it's a good day. Not really thought too much about the sticks until i popped on here after work. I know the weekend is approaching and im on standard 9-5 mon-fri shifts this month so I have nothing to do all weekend and I will try hard to keep busy if i start pining/missing fags. After yesterday today is a blessing in disguise, i just feel normal....

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If you get cravings on the weekend, treat them as part of the healing process or just distract yourself. The more thought you devote to them the more they tend to take hold.

Well done on getting well and truly into the 2nd week and before you know it you'll be notching up the months!

All the best



Day 9

Yep I will do and I'll just nip on here and catch up with everyone else as well...

Maybe if i get an itch for a fag il pop on my treadmill and put myself through a 2 mile run cos after that id never be able to inhale filthy smoke if my life depended on it !! Can't imagine the word month coming into my quit process but 2 days ago it was still the word day and now it's week !!


Hi hun

Soooooooooooo pleased you feeling a bit better today. Funny i find weekends a bit harder but at least the weather is getting a little better so we can go for a walk or spend some time in the garden. Have my grandaughter on the week end she keeps ne on my toes. day 9 already time is going fast almost two weeks.xxxxx


Hi Dee Dee :D

Day 9 thats wonderful so glad today is a good day for you just hang in there

I still sometimes find the weekends awkward yet I am home a lot as I don't work anymore but as Linda said the better weather and lighter nights are coming so you will be able to get out more or in the garden




Well done dee dee-you are doing great!!!!!


day 9

Thank you all for your msg's. Linda marg and hhab have also done so well and i wont let you forget it !! xxx


Yay Dee Dee, you're doing fab girl!

I have read your message, sorry i haven't had time to reply to pm messages yet today!

Hope you have a good weekend and I'll be round to borrow your running shoes soon.. i'm scoffing sweets like they're going out of fashion.. a run would be a much healthier option!!



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