Day 10

Got up this morning and the usual feeling of wanting a cig, but it wasnt as bad this morning. I had made an appointment with the dr when I took my Mum on Tuesday to see if I could get a script for the inhaler, so off I went this morning and he was great and said I can go to the smoking clinic this afternoon (didnt want to go before as I thought it was groups) so I have made my appointment for that. Just off to sort out my Mum and brother and do their shopping then back up to the clinic never been to one before and I am a bit nervous.

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  • I like mine! If its anything like it, its a one to one, you get to breath into a carbon thing, have a nice chat and not get told off or judged, then get a prescription if you are going that way and book another appointment. It actually makes you feel a bit special and proud to be coming off the smokes. xx

  • it was brilliant

    I was good, had a nice chat didnt realise you got all your nrt for free ive been paying for mine for that last few weeks lol. Blew into the carbon monoxide thing and told her it didnt work she said why and I said it is still on 0 she said that is because ive got none in my body I nearly cried

    Feels lots better now

  • didnt realise you got all your nrt for free

    How?? i just get a prescription that costs!

  • apparently you get vouchers every time you go, I had a form to take to the pharmacy and they log it and I got 2 weeks supply free then every time I go I get a voucher to take to the pharmacy. I was shoked and she said everyone gets it for the first 3 months.

  • Day 10

    Double figures already !!! This is so great. finished work, don't want a fag, not really thought of them much and feel absolutely great.

    huge hugs and thanks for all the day 9 comments on here. You are all so good for me. Hope everyone else is doing well and I really hope I can deal with a day 8 day again if it crops up. Definatley need to adjust the amount of time I am using the gum as my belly loks like i am 6 months pregnant and im sure it's because of the chewing !! Any suggestions for me ??

  • Hi Trendy & Dee

    Well done both of you you're doing great day 10 already soon be counting in months not days keep it up



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