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managing with support from my friends on here


well the end of day 3,and things have been up and down,the first time ive tempted having a drink but it was the man utd match with my mate at home,and YEA i managed it,a drink without dying for a smoke,i have to say thanks for all the support on here,and yes i know i have a long way to go,but just goes to show you can manage with support off here and will power

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Well done Mega!!

You are heading towards your first smoke-free week :)

This forum certainly does help.. that's why i sometimes hide out here when life at home gets hairy!!

take care, and have a great day 4 :)

Yup, agree with Minnie.... I kinda disappear in this world for now as well at times..... so much support and kindness.... hard to not log on. Mega, you did 3 whole days... and you don't want to do them again.... so keep going, one day at a time..... come on here, do whatever to stick to your resolve, and keep going..... see the day that you will not think of a fag once. It will happen..... I see sneak previews of it already just being a little ahead of you! Keep :):)

Hi Mega :D

On day 4 already well done, you are over way 1/2 through the first and worst week it will start to get easier for you then and well done as well a drink even at home without wanting a fag is wonderful this early in your quit but would advice you not to drink more than one/2 at this early stage as you know booze and fags go together like strawberries and cream to most of us that have smoked

Just keep going you can do this you have already proved it



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