No Smoking Day

Day 7 yeeesssssssss

WOW 1 week of no fags and feel good apart from very fuzzy headed but im sure that will go and i lost 2lbs this week so im well chuffed.

Walking around with a smile on my face.

Well chuffed with myself i got this far i am noooooooooo way going back now,i have made my mind up.

Once i get my mind round it thats it i will do it.

Well its like this i hate roll ups that is what my partner smokes.I really HATE them and cant afford to but fags as ive booked a holiday with my daughter useing my fag money for spending money so that will keep me focused.

Hope you all are doing well

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HURRA! HURRA! HURRA! I am most pleased to see you complete a week!! I bought a new big massive bed with my smoke money! Its great to see you so positive! It gets even better, but keep up the mental realignment, the monster may sneak up on you unawares!! Well done. xxxxx


Great going Both of you fab work its lovely that you both sound so happy. CONGRATS.xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Kay :D

WOW where did that week go well done you that's great and you are right the fuzzy head will go just another sympton and probavly caused by the brain getting more oxygen thab it is used to Things will only get better now I promise but as Fiona says be wary of those sneaky little b........ds the Nico :eek:Demons creeoing up on you

Love Margxxxxxxxx


Well done that is brilliant, my oh smokes roll ups and I have always hated them first thing in the morning I clean his ashtray and clear up all the little bits of backi that he has left around. Before I leave the house make sure it is all clear nothing worse than coming home to a stale ash tray

Well done again big hugs X


OMG I cant believe its a week already Kay!!!

And loosing weight as well :D

You go girl :D

Congrats to you.




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